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This installation explores the tie between 19th Century Ghanaian warriors’ attire, ceremonial masks and dances and draws unique connections with modern-day descendants of Ghana (and other western African countries, the Diaspora through the slavery of Africans. American Jim Crow and modern-day issues with the safety of people of color without injustice.  

The item I have made below is a rendition of a 19th-century West African mask used for warriors

who would participate in a ritual dance before going to war. I have placed a mask over a mask connecting the freedom of pre-colonial West Africans to the bondage of the American slave. These slaves would attempt to gain their freedom once again by running away from their captors only to be hunted and found. Once returned to their master, they could have this sort of mask strapped onto their faces. This mask was designed to prevent the slave from eating or drinking until such time the master determined. 

This series of works will include additional masks, tunics and costumes, performance art and wall art. 

Stay connected to see the progression of this series. 

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